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If you would like to send your resume to our Search team, please submit your information.

Why should you send your resume?
As an advocate for you, our team can review your resume to better understand your experience, skills, expertise, education level, credentials, etc. and see if your background. 

Who will see your resume?
Only the Natural Industry Jobs team will have access to your resume. We will never share your resume with any person or employer without first speaking with you and receiving your permission.

Where will your resume be stored?
Natural Industry Jobs utilizes a private, confidential candidate database that can only be accessed by our team. We will add your resume to our database so that it can be located using keyword searches to match your qualifications with open positions.

What if Natural Industry Jobs already has an old version of your resume?
You can email us the most current version of your resume and it will be automatically updated in our database.

Would you like your resume reviewed by our resume writer?
It’s free! Just send your resume to info@naturalindustryjobs.com for review.

Thank you

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